Xanita Board

Xanita board is an engineered fibreboard manufactured from fibres recovered from recycled used cardboard boxes. Xanita core is decorated with various surface finishes, including digital print ready kraft paper liners.

The inner core of all Xanita boards is constructed of 100% post-consumer, recycled kraft paper fibres. Xanita core weighs over 7 times less than conventional engineered fibreboards.

Xanita corrugated kraft core exhibits double the crush-strength of honeycomb fibreboard. It’s NOT a honeycomb board. No toxic resins or adhesives are used in the manufacturing process.

Whether you’re a designer, architect or marketeer there’s sure to be a Xanita board for your next project. It’ll be lighter, greener and stronger than anything you’ve imagined!

We work with retailers, manufacturers, display makers, exhibition builders, boat and RV builders. We design briefs and decorate an appropriate Xanita board with digital inks, timber veneers, film and laminates, to create thousands of structures. We’ll flat-pack, box and ship your creations to you or your clients.

Commercial Fitouts & General Retail

Xanita Board has been pressed to order since 2008 in South Africa. Panels up to 100mm thick, with any decorative sandwich skins, usually 3-6mm in thickness, are supplied to shopfitters, joiners, furniture and kitchen benchtop manufacturers and custom exhibition stand builders. These are commonly timber-veneered, painted or film laminated with architecturally-specified surface finishes.

Xanita Board is ideal for short-term retail displays such as point-of-purchase displays and brand activation. This specialized form of sales promotion is designed to draw the customers attention to your products. We use Xanita Board to make all the displays, merchandising and stocking systems needed to make your brand stand out and your business profitable.

Exhibition, Events & Signage

Make your exhibition space come alive. Xanita board stands and displays are quick to assemble, light and flat packable, and will enhance what would have been an othewise plain environment. It helps to create instant comfort in an impersonal space.

Xanita Board is lightweight, printable, customisable and reusable, adding sustainability to your signage. A cost effective and eco-friendly solution for interior spaces of all kinds.

Pop-Up Retail & General Display

Since Xanita Board is lightweight, flat-packable and easy to assemble, it is the ideal choice of material for retail displays in pop-up shops. Its highly customisable nature ensures that an instant retail environment is created that both attracts customers and promotes your brand.

We design brand activation products in such a way that promotes an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience for the consumer. Xanita Board is not only lightweight and easy to assemble, but is also weight-bearing, making it an excellent choice for semi-permanent displays that can support heavy glass bottles in a way that cardboard or other materials can’t.

Xanita Print is a natural fibre based board consisting of a recycled kraft core sandwiched between printable white kraft liners. It’s amazingly light, flexurally strong, mitre-foldable, highly crush-resistant, resin and voc-free and better still, fully repulpable as industrial paper waste.
Supplied in a print-ready satin white colour in various thicknesses and sheet sizes.

Xanita Kraft is the sister board to Xanita Print. Made from the identical core structure, it has a slightly lighter-weight top and bottom kraft liner adhered to both sides.
Retailers love it for sustainable displays with an eco-chic look. Yes, you can still print it, fabric-wrap it, pin it just like Xanita Print. Dive into the details by clicking for more info below.

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