Window Films

Architectural Printable Films - For Glass Decoration

Ideal for corporate branding, privacy, decoration, manifestation and safety, our architectural printable glazing films make the design appear part of the glass, to stunning effect.

Bring brighter colour, higher definition and incredible detail to displays. Explore clarity and translucency with subtle vignettes for privacy graphics and create dazzling visual effects as light passes through the printed image. Printing white and metallic ink with process colour can add further depth and solidity to the imagery.

A high specification self-adhesive coating means the films are as temporary or as permanent as you need them to be. Easy to install in situ, they are also quick and clean to remove.


Retail Printable Films – For Glass Decoration

Make maximum impact on passers-by with these high optical quality non-PVC films. Offering superior clarity, application advantages
and incredibly reliable removability, these printable window films are extensively used for display by retailers across Europe. They can be used for all-over display or as cut graphics.

Highly evolved, the films are suitable for UV, eco-solvent and latex printing and all varieties offer excellent ink anchorage. Being coated with high performance removable adhesive systems makes them quick and clean to install, and thus well suited to a variety of applications. They’re also 100% removable with no need for adhesive removers, solvents or scrapers.

Security & Ingenuity Films

Security & Ingenuity Films offer a simple, non-intrusive way to control visibility from inside, outside, above or below without undermining the integrity of the architecture’s creative vision.

From one angle our Security & Ingenuity Films are optically clear. As the viewing angle changes, so does the transparency of the glass, transitioning from completely clear to frosted, or vice versa.

The films maximise window light, reduce glare and eliminate the need for blinds, panels or other screening features. They can protect interiors from prying eyes or bring a new dimension to interior design.

Films can be installed to prevent visual contact from above, below and from left or right, without obscuring desired viewing angles or compromising the working environment. Having only minimal impact on the building aesthetics, they’re also a good option for listed buildings.

Privacy Films

The range of textures in this series can be used both to create privacy and add visual enhancement to interior spaces. From a gentle mist to full white-out opacity, or traditional Japanese effects such as rice paper, the light diffusing and screening properties vary by design.

Solar Control Films

Solar control films are an effective way to reduce energy consumption while improving the interior environment. The films reduce the penetration of solar radiation through architectural glazing, via a combination of absorption and reflection. In summer, this helps lower interior temperatures, reducing the need for air conditioning. Whilst in winter, the energy reflection properties help prevent heat escaping through glazing.

The films can also reduce glare (for example on computer and TV screens), and balance out direct sunlight.

The range includes clear, metallised and coloured films, providing solutions for a wide variety of architectural applications and delivering excellent ROI in energy savings over time. Their use, either on new builds or as a retrofit, will contribute to meeting BREEAM assessment standards for sustainability.

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