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Innovative Valeting Programmes

FRED is the company of choice for many retailers, single and multi-site, due to our ability to provide quality staff with a flexible approach.

Our customers include some of the country’s foremost motor groups and our network expands across the UK to give us strong national coverage. This coupled with our localised management teams ensure our clients receive the benefit of large company resource, but ensures we are never out of touch with our clients’ needs on a local level.

We are engaged in an ongoing programme to expand and progress the services we provide including vehicle imaging.


Over our 40 years of operations we have developed long lasting partnerships with some of the industry’s leading, prestigious motor groups and large volume sites. Giving us expertise in valeting both New and Used vehicles with an attention to quality that makes our valeting service truly different to our competitors.

Our experience has not only allowed us to become an industry leader in valeting but has also allowed us to become the most innovative by creating the latest award winning support technologies.

Commitment to quality is central to our business as we must ensure we present and protect our clients’ brands to the highest standard so we use suppliers that are equally committed. Our suppliers Autosmart provide us with the very best valeting products for many years offering unbeatable support.


Our desire for new innovation began when we started development of our very own management system in 2005. Our management system started its journey, as a valet ordering system allowing dealers to request their cleans online for completion by the valet team on site. This system quickly evolved into a clever way of managing valeting costs and strengthening process for our customers.

With a wide range of features available, the system is tailored to suit your business and quickly becomes an essential part of the day-to-day running of your site. The system has constantly evolved since 2005 from feedback from over 4000 users and our management teams. With over 4.5 million orders placed on our management system, we have developed the most advanced valet ordering system in the industry.

Vehicle Media

In an age where customers initiate the search when buying a vehicle will be online; we believe that it is vital that dealership websites show their products as quickly as possible and in its very best condition.

This process can be a long and frustrating process for dealerships so to enhance our customer experience we developed Vehicle Media, our bespoke imaging and videoing solution.

The app based technology uses state of the mechanisms to make the software easy to use, whilst also ensuring high standards. Major benefits of our Vehicle Media solution include; an onsite dedicated resource, frees up dealership resources, no disruption to your site, bespoke specifications, 24 hr upload, impartial off site QC, and most importantly a potential increase in vehicle sales.

Driving Staff

Why not put us in the driving seat for your collection ad delivery solutions? Our dedicated teams of drivers are comprehensively trained, assessed and managed by us and are available to be utilised within all departments of your business for the collection and delivery for your service departments, national delivery for fleet customers and group stock movements.

Whether you require short term solutions or full time operators we have the ability to support your vehicle movement needs from a variety of packages, be it an hourly charge, specific distance costs or a fixed day rate. Our extensive qualification of your vehicle movements will ensure you receive an efficient and cost effective solution.



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