07 November 2016


Following the sale of the Co-operative Pharmacy to the Bestway Group in October 2014; the business has undertaken a significant period of separation and change to become a standalone organisation.

The rebranding journey started in February 2015 with the launch of a new trading name, Well. The brand launch event showcased both physical brand assets in terms of logo/corporate colours, as well as new business mission statement and values.

With over 800 sites to re-brand, 425 vehicles and a relocation of central support functions this would have been a significant undertaking for any organisation.

To have to complete all of this work within eight months, whilst at the same time separating the business from the Co-operative Group required a monumental effort from both the business and its partners. The following, prepared by Well Pharmacy, sets out the re-brand journey for their commercial vehicle fleet.

From a standing start, the business has created a programme that has seen design, proof of concept, and implementation of a rebrand to over 400 commercial vehicles in less than eight months.

Significantly for a project of this scale this has been achieved on time, and on budget. The key driver behind this success has been the collaborative partnership with FRED, with additional support from Peugeot. The support shown to the business by FRED has been well in excess of expectations. The technical expertise, wealth of industry knowledge and experience, combined with highly competent and effective people has been fundamental to Well achieving what was an ambitious target.

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