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Innovative Engagement Programmes

FRED takes the product to the customer with a range of innovative engagement programmes, by utilising shopping centres as a marketing platform, your brand will be exposed to hundreds of thousands of shoppers every week.

Any brand can gain quality exposure at a fraction of typical out-of-home advertising costs by transforming unused retail space into an engaging and interactive marketing campaign that rewards the shopper and increases brand awareness.

We create innovative advertising solutions in virtually any mall in the UK. You can also use our technology for short periods of time within your dealership to entice and excite potential new customers. This proposition is perfect for high impact, maximum visibility consumer engagement that just works.

Consumer Engagement

Disrupt the traditional shopper journey and create a unique and enjoyable consumer experience for consumers outside of the dealership that provides the shopper with positive memories associated with your brand.

Customers love something different, something involving and immersive, and there is no better way to get them invested in your brand than supplying them with a unique way to interact with it, right then and there in the shopping centre or at your dealership. Offer something magical to help your potential customers discover your brand and your product and leave them in no doubt that they need to buy from you.



A range of interactive solutions can be created to increase brand awareness, consumer engagement and drive footfall. Pop up shops are the perfect way take advantage of the high footfall in shopping centres and expose your brand to a larger number of consumers. A pop up shop is a temporary solution so you will benefit from high footfall without having to commit to a long lease within the shopping centre.

Experiential roadshows showcase your brand in high footfall locations in multiple shopping centres all over the UK, this is the perfect solution to gain maximum visibility and raise brand awareness.

Interactive shop fronts and mobile gaming solutions give shoppers a fun way to interact with the brand, by providing a voucher we can drive footfall into targeted locations and dealerships with the aim of increasing sales.


Every activation provides measurable analytics and metrics in order to track the success of the project from start to finish.

Using the latest in innovative retail technology we can map every part of the consumer journey and provide statistical measurements about how engaging and effective an activation is in order to easily estimate the return on investment of the campaign.



We engaged with LG to drive brand awareness of the OLED category and capitalise on the pre Christmas increase in mall footfall. The brand challenge was simple – within a retailer there are multiple screens in one location and difficult to provide the consumer with a unique, intimate demonstration, showcasing the OLED technology.

Our challenge was to create a solution which would allow consumers to experience the TV as they would at home, whilst really understanding the features and benefits of the product.

Our concept was the LG Roadshow – 7 shopping malls over 3 months, we took experiential space and placed an LG ‘pod’ containing 4 x 55” OLED exterior screens, an OLED V LED 55” display and the showcase 65” OLED contained in an interior lounge.


We have a very good relationship with FRED, they have never let us down.

Allan Thacker

General Manager, JEMCA

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